IP Address and Name Service Request

This website will no longer be available for submitting DNS and DHCP changes. A portlet has been built to create work requests easily. An SRS ticket will be created automatically that will go into the correct queue. If you are not a technical contact you should work through your areas technical contact, if you are unsure of who that is, please check the department contact list available through the Service Desk website.

If you are a technical contact, you can find the details of the new process in the wiki:  New DNS Portlet on the Portal

The following is a list of the types of work you can request through the portlet, all others should be requested via SRS ticket assigned to the Service Desk for triage and routing.

A.    New IP
B.    Update Mac/Name/TTL
C.    Move IP
D.    New CName
E.    Delete A-Record
F.    Delete CName
G.    Multiple IP Changes

For feedback on this change you should contact ITS-Enterprise Network Services (ENS). (805) 756-1295

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