Connect from Home with VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is available to Cal Poly Faculty and Staff to provide a secure method to access Cal Poly computing resources from off campus. Once the VPN connection is established you will be able to access Cal Poly resources as you would from on campus, such as:

  • Applications (e.g. Advance Web, Windows Terminal Servers, remote desktop software)
  • File Servers (e.g. Active Directory “U” and “V” drives)
  • Devices (e.g. networked printers)

To access to specific systems, such as your desktop computer, contact for LAN Coordinator for assistance.

Get Started with VPN

VPN connections are made using a program called Network Connect. Download the VPN client for your operating system and follow the setup instructions below.

Get Help for VPN

Error messages and solutions

  • “There are already other user sessions in progress”
    The Cal Poly VPN only allows one session per user at a time. If you get this error message after entering your username and password on the Cal Poly Portal page it is because you are already logged into the VPN. If you see this message, click “Continue the session” to disconnect the other session and connect on your current workstation.

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