Network Attached Devices Policy
Covered by Section E.4, Network and System Integrity, Information Technology Resources Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

Network Communication Devices: Standards and Responsibilities

Procedure for Attaching Network Communication Devices to the Cal Poly Network

Procedure for Removing Network Devices From the Cal Poly Network

Infrastructure Terminal Resources Project (ITRP) Guidelines & Standards

Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning Standards (TIP)

University Airwaves Policy

Wireless Airwaves Practices and Procedures
Standard protocols, procedures, and practices involved in implementing and using wireless devices on campus.

ITS Network Exception Procedure for Non Standard Equipment
Procedure for connecting non-standard systems/equipment to campus computing and network resources.

IPX Numbering Convention for Novell Netware
Instructions on how to obtain your hardware address.

Residence Hall Network Connection Policies
Allows search for vendor codes of Ethernet hardware address.

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